Lent begins tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. We have service at 7 PM, with the rite of the imposition of ashes. If you desire ashes, you may receive them at this time. This then flows right into the service of Holy Communion
There is no better way to begin the holy and penitential season of Lent than with a confession of our sin and mortality [the ashes] and then the reception of the forgiveness of our sins as our risen and ascended Lord Jesus comes to us and unites with us in Holy Communion giving us His very body and blood which brought about this forgiveness and new life! 
And it continues!
Each Wednesday evening during Lent at 7 PM, we gather around our Lord's holy word and ponder His Passion, His suffering and death for us. Jesus' suffering is the center of His entire work of redemption. How valuable and precious these services are--especially now that covid has made so many aware of our mortality and created such anguish in the lives of so many! Jesus' Passion is the spring of our salvation; it is the source of our comfort, it is the firm foundation of our faith and the anchor of our hope in life and in death.  How we need to hear and reflect on it especially now! 
Please plan to join us so that our  faith may be strengthened and our hearts prepared to celebrate Jesus' resurrection from the dead on Easter!
See you in church,


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