The generosity of the congregation of Faith Lutheran never waivers and contributions are continually made to allow the church to meet its financial obligations.  There are several ways to contribute to Faith Lutheran that bear another mention.  If you are attending services in person there are collection baskets at the entrance for donation envelopes and cash. 

Don't forget that Kwik Trip gift cards are still being sold after services in support of payments on the mortgage, with 5% of gas purchases and 15% of in-store purchases going to the church, while you receive full face value when using the cards.

Whether or not you are attending services in person, this web site offers on-line donations through the E-giving page.  You can make one-time or recurring donations from you credit card or directly from your bank account (hint: this costs less to us in processing fees, which you can also contribute towards)  using this secure payment site.  Once you have registered your information is retained for future changes or contributions.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic on-line etail sales have increased dramatically.  If you are ordering through Amazon, as so many people are, you can easily have your purchase provide a 0.5% contribution to Faith Lutheran.  When accessing your account, type in into the website bar.  Use your same login credentials of username and password as you always do for and when prompted, search for Faith Lutheran Church located in Sturtevant WI.  If you are not prompted, you can click on the Your Charity drop down just under the Search bar near the top left of the page.  From there you should be able to search and select a charitable organization as well as learn more about how the program works.  All of your history and payment information is available through the smile site with the same prices on products as if you were shopping on the normal amazon site.




Faith Lutheran Church
8500 Durand Ave
Sturtevant, WI 53177
Phone (262) 886-2522

Service Times

Saturday Worship 4:00 pm
Sunday Worship 10:15 am