Faith Lutheran Church in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, will be using this website as a means of communication with current and future members. The website has been created so that staff at Faith can easily add updates, but it also has the Facebook page and calendar embedded so that those posts can all be seen in one place. The front page shows off some of the images associated with the church. These help to establish a good starting point for visitors unfamiliar with the congregation. The menu is simple and user-friendly, ensuring that visitors find what they are looking for without excessive clicking or searching.

Luthernet Web Design built Fath Lutheran Church's website with input from members and staff in less than a month. The website is automatically updated to the latest version, mobile-friendly, easy-to-edit, and will help the rest of the world to see the great things happening at Faith Lutheran Church.

If you are on vacation, consider listening to Lutheran Radio Church Service.


Faith Lutheran Church
8500 Durand Ave
Sturtevant, WI 53177
Phone (262) 886-2522

Service Times

Saturday Worship 4:00 pm
Sunday Worship 10:15 am