The sermons and Sunday bulletins are now available online in the Newsletters page of this Faith Lutheran Church website.  We will attempt to make the sermons available as created by Pastor Grabenhofer throughout the COVID-19 pandemic so that those who are not able to attend church services, either through self or state imposed limitations, may still receive the Word as provided by Pastor Grabenhofer.  Please visit our website at and click on the link at the top of the page for News & Events then in the drop-down menu select Newsletters.  From there you can scroll down the page to find Sermons 2020 and click in that link.  You will see the documents named for the date of the service which you may open to read.

Stay safe and continue to converse with our Lord.  If you speak to friends or relatives that are anguished or stressed, invite them to pray with you over the phone.  Now is an important time for everyone to know the comfort of the Lord's embrace.


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Service Times

Saturday Worship 4:00 pm
Sunday Worship 10:15 am