In the country of Madagascar, a large portion of the population lives in poor, underdeveloped, rural areas.  Every year, damage from tropical storms leaves many families without homes.  The unstable government and weak economy prevent families from escaping poverty, and poor access to basic healthcare means people don't get the care or medicine they need, especially in rural areas.

But perhaps the most upsetting shortage that the people of Madagascar face is the lack of the Gospel of Jesus.  Because many people live in poverty, they might have never read the Bible.  Although Christianity has reached parts of Madagascar, about half of the population still doesn't believe in the saving power of Jesus - that's over 10 million people!

Mission Madagascar focuses specifically on delivering Bible-based books to children in Madagascar.  And you can be part of that work!  Mission Madagascar is an outreach project that sends Bible-based literature to kids in Madagascar.  The project focuses on reaching children and families in this country who have not heard the Gospel or do not have access to books about Jesus.

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