On Tuesday July 10, 2018 Captain Cory Barr, of the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department, died in the explosion related to a gas leak in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  Rev. Charlie Brandt, Senior Pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church and a Chaplain for the Sun Prairie Police Department, informed us that Captain Barr and his family were members at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  By now you have likely heard about this tragic explosion and the impact on the community and the members of Bethlehem.  A lot of damage occurred but the loss of life was minimized by God’s divine care and the quick action of the Sun Prairie police and fire departments.  Once the gas was detected, the surrounding neighborhood was cordoned off and secured while first responders worked to evacuate the area.  Unfortunately, five other firefighters, a police officer and six civilians were injured in the explosion.  Captain Barr was a 15-year veteran of the volunteer fire department and well known in the community.  He and his wife, Abby owned the Barr House Tavern, which was destroyed along with other businesses.  He is survived by his wife, Abby, and two three-year-old daughters.  Bethlehem Lutheran Church has established a fund to support Abby and her family during this devastating time.  Please consider using this link (https://www.gofundme.com/benefit-for-the-family-of-cory-barr) to donate to this fund. Please keep the Barr family, the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department and community, and Bethlehem Lutheran Church in your prayers.

We give thanks to God for those whose vocations are to serve as first responders so that our communities are protected and cared for.  We give thanks to God for the church workers who serve as chaplains in order to bring the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ while providing comfort and counsel.  We give thanks to God for the promise of eternal life that Captain Barr lived in as a child redeemed by Christ crucified.


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